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Arabescato Installers, West Palm Beach Countertop Installers

When people start going into the countertop industry and understanding what they can use or not for their spaces, they usually come with lots of questions about the stones and materials they should be using. Once they have decided, they still have multiple subtypes to choose from, making the process more of a hassle than they thought. Our Arabescato installers can be great options when you are going through this process and trying to have marble for your countertops, regardless of the specific room or place where they will be installed.

At West Palm Beach Countertop Installers, we love working with arabescato as it is not only a stunning and beautiful option in the industry, but also an alternative to the common marble people are used to. The veining and colors on the design and pieces are unique and definitely part of this subtype or variable of the material.

We highly recommend its use as long as you are happy with the pattern and price. Just like any other marble option, the cost may be a bit higher than other surfaces and stones. However, it will be worth the investment as long as you are not going for the surface without considering its pros and cons for your space.

Marble can be porous, and scratches are not so common, but still very often when you are not careful enough. Heat or burns can be issues as you place hot pans and pots directly, and the durability and aesthetics will be affected as a result.

Are these still issues when you choose Arabescato? In most cases, yes. While the quality will be on the high-grade end, this will be the usual and common cons of having marble as your countertop surface.

Why Choose Arabescato Installation Over Other Materials?

As it is from the marble family, it is bound to be popular among all property owners, but especially homeowners trying to stick to a stunning color and material for their spaces. 

What we know people see on this stone is the polished finish and stunning colors available. The issue with the latter is that it is very sensitive, which takes us to the previous cons mentioned about its use.

But not everything is bad about marble itself. It is a natural stone that brings a unique style since there are never pieces that repeat themselves in patterns, colors, and veining. Consequently, you can have a different space even when you may be using the same variable as other property owners.

While it will be a questionable surface in heavy traffic spaces, it is quite easy to clean. This allows you to have more questions about where this material may work or not for you depending on the maintenance level you will keep for it, which is usually on the low end in the industry.

Out of all the benefits and reasons we can give you or point out why you should or would choose Arabescato, it is more based on aesthetic benefits and what you get along the way.

Polished, honed, leather and flamed finishes are all available with the material. This already gives you a wide spectrum of what you can do for your space and the way you can design the countertops.

When you are choosing arabescato, just think about it as you are working on marble. This will simplify knowing about more cons and pros.

That being said, you have a wide range of designs in terms of the veining, surface, colors, and how you can go for a clear pattern for your countertops.

Our Arabescato Installers’ Recommendations for Materials

We have a wide variety of arabescato variations and options available you can choose from. The Altissimo and Faniello options are really at the top of the popularity chart due to their veining and designs. The spectrum of color is also a good alternative when you look for white backgrounds that are not entirely the same as what you always see.

Other options, such as Vagli, Corchia, and Piana, are available, and the list keeps going as we work with all alternatives available in the industry.

Feel free to call, email us, or use our contact form to get information from our Arabescato installers. You will be able to go over better considerations and what would be more useful and stunning for your kitchen or any other space.

We are available all year round and always working on quality, preferences, and stunning results.