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Solid Surface Countertop Installation, West Palm Beach Countertop Installers

What are solid Surface countertops, to begin with? This is the most common question when people start going down the list of items, stones, and materials they could use. In most cases, they don’t make it this far since people are more invested in the idea of having natural stones, such as marble and granite, installed in their spaces. However, going for a solid surface countertop installation can pay off in the short- and long term. You get a stunning and durable option in the industry as long as you know how to work around the material.

At West Palm Beach Countertop Installers, our team has been working with the options for a long time. As a result, we know what it takes to make them and come with countertops that will be everything you need in terms of performance and what you’re looking for.

Answering the common question, solid surface countertops are made of mineral dust and mixed with resins and pigments to give their color and resistance. The main benefit of using mineral dust such as marble and granite waste is having a nonporous surface while still getting high durability and longevity.

While some people think the surface will feel tacky and a bit rough, the way minerals and resins are mixed actually allows for a smooth surface. As a result, you can have your finish with the desired texture and enjoy the way your countertop is designed and installed.

In addition to the whole concept possible around a stunning and durable surface, you can choose between the matte and high-gloss finish, which opens more alternatives in aesthetics and preferences.

But is it the same as having natural stones such as quartz and marble? Not at all. There are always differences, but should you forget about them for good?

Why People Choose Solid Surface Countertop Installation

Well, the main factor is probably affordability. Since this is more of a mix than having the natural stone, you don’t have to worry about the expenses around it. Instead, you get to focus on colors, aesthetics, and quality for durability and longevity.

We want to go back and address the mention of having natural stones or not. Laminated and solid surfaces will never be the same as natural stones. The latter are favorites and stunning among people for a reason, but designs and installations can make them resemble the natural options.

You will usually sacrifice some aesthetics, but you get a high-quality and durable surface in exchange without having to spend a fortune in the process.

The way this is possible is due to the regular percentage and how it is split in the material used. You get 33% resins and binding agents, while 66% is based on the minerals and key elements for the slabs and material.

Due to how they rely on resin, the surface is not really porous, and you can get a defined and reliable surface that won’t break or lack due to its condition and the way you use it. This also keeps bacteria away and helps prevent issues in how you clean your space.

Additionally, you can choose specific variables of the solid surface and have a good result around the stone-like material and countertop you can get for your space.

Finally, it is all about repairs and longevity. While you are not trying to think about how much you will spend on repairs, they usually come with quite the options, and you can get this done with the bare minimum and with some sandpaper and small covering and changes.

Should You Go for Solid Surface Countertop Installations?

If you don’t mind working around a less aesthetically pleasing material—depending on what you think about solid surfaces—then we think you will find it more beneficial than anything else.

You are able to get quite the result around durability and longevity, which really takes lots of weight off your shoulders and simplifies the way your kitchen, bathroom, or any other space should be and look like.

This is why we are always bringing up the recommendation and making sure people have a clear recommendation around it. We will navigate each part on the pros and cons and bring a plan on how the whole installation can be done.

Feel free to call, email us, or use our contact form if you want to up for this durable and reliable surface with our installer’s help and support throughout the process. We will happily make your solid surface countertop installation possible.