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Cabinet Installation, West Palm Beach Countertop Installers

Part of working with your kitchen, bathroom, or spaces needing remodeling or renovations includes bringing alternatives and support around cabinet installation. This way, you will have the essentials in place and completed alongside countertops and the way fixtures and other elements can be included. At West Palm Beach Countertop Installers, we consider all options and bring our support to different levels, so you do no need to worry about requirements, changes, or how you will put every element and feature in place. But do you actually need help with cabinets? Absolutely.

We know many people underestimate projects and installations like this. With more precut and prefabricated options available, the idea for DIY projects is more appealing. We do support it as some people are very tight on time, or maybe they want to bring the bare minimum and some regular quality to the space. What worries us is that many seem to believe this is better.

For short-term results, it is. For long-term ones, not really. You will spend more in even a few years instead of decades as most cabinets wear out easily. The materials they are made of, precut or fabricated, are low-grade, and you will have to bring maintenance and continuous repairs to make them last longer.

The main difference in having cabinet installers isn’t the materials’ quality but rather the installation itself. Installing things properly plays a key role and is what actually brings all the quality to the project. Otherwise, nice materials and products can be damaged with poor installation and hand handling of the project.

We encourage you to navigate this process with our team and have more considerations about what you need to get done or not for it.

How Much Do We Do for Your Cabinet Installation?

Everything. Unlike other companies, we truly mean it when we say we go over all steps. This includes bringing recommendations and advice on what you can get or not.

Then, we design and plan the whole process so that we know how to place your cabinets and the best way to do so.

Does this mean we take measures and focus on quality in this aspect? Absolutely. Otherwise, there is no reason to hire professionals rather than having fancy materials. We ensure the specific size you need, design, style, and every detail is fulfilled. This way, you won’t have to worry about the way your cabinets look and only get to focus on your needs.

Feel free to work with us and have our professionals come over, see the kitchen or any other space for the installation, and take measurements; once done, we proceed with preferences, the wood, materials, and more to be used. This includes handles and the specific shape and form you want for the cabinets.

While at it, we consider colors and what you are looking for in your space. This includes providing recommendations and giving you advice on what you should be getting. If you have a specific preference and project in mind, we simply follow along and make it happen. However, if this includes some issues and considerations, we always let you know in advance so that you can decide whether to go for it or for a new recommendation.

Once we have all the plan, design, and budget in place, we proceed to make the cabinets, build them, and bring them for installation in your space. We fix everything to the walls and surfaces and ensure all the space is clean and decluttered once we are done with the cabinet installation.

How Much Does Cabinet Installation Cost?

The material used, difficulties, and design all matter in the costs. This is also based on the project’s size and the square footage we cover. In most cases, cabinets range from $46 to $110 per linear foot, but some prices can be lower or higher depending on the requirements.

We recommend scheduling an inspection with our team and getting an accurate estimate for your own project. This is completely free, and you can ask all questions, clear doubts with us, and make sure you have every element handled. Changes or additions can be made, and you can take this with you while considering whether you want to work with us or not.

At West Palm Beach Countertop Installers, we listen to you, consider what the best is, and focus on your budget and preferences along the road to deliver the best cabinet installation in any space.