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Tumble Tile Installers, West Palm Beach Countertop Installers

When you work with tiles, you need to learn there are many variables and styles. Some are out of the usual features and designs you know, while others follow more of the basics and essentials around them. Our tumble tile installers work with more of the less-known options, at least by name, that homeowners choose in order to go for a rustic and durable design. These rough and stunning tiles can be used pretty much in every space as long as you are happy with the design and finish they offer. The issue lies more in whether this is what you want and need for your space.

At West Palm Beach Countertop Installers, our professionals help you with every step and make sure you have a good concept of tumbled tiles. Once done, we can start navigating the whole concept and see, alongside your preferences and requests, whether this is the project you should go for.

We can tell you in advance that tumble tiles are not what most people imagine them to be. Yes, you have a rough and stunning surface, but this is more about how you still get a smooth finish with edges that are worth the investment. But what makes them so good? The idea of hiding imperfections.

As stunning as regular stones and tiles are, they come with the usual eyesore of having some cracks, stains, or little details that make it feel like your room is not complete or properly designed. However, tumble tiles hide all this due to the rough surface and the stone itself. This is why rustic settings are their favorite, but a lot goes into how you can use them for some modern and unique spaces as well.

Pros & Cons of Using Tumble Tiles for Your Spaces

Regardless of the use you are thinking about giving them, you will realize sooner than later that all pros and cons should be equally considered.

We love them as durable and long-lasting pieces, but they can be quite porous. This is a good start in the whole introduction and knowing whether this is the material you want for your space or not.

The issue with materials and tiles being porous is how they require frequent sealing, which has led to high maintenance over the years. The good part about it is that tumble tiles are not really expensive to control on this to ensure their durability. Instead, the sealing process can be done every few years or when you notice some stains, issues, and details that are getting out of hand.

Compared to marble and granite, which are also porous, you really save lots of resources in the short- and long run.

As for other pros of using the tiles and this type of finish, you can rest assured that it won’t be slippery. You can install them as backsplashes, floors, some wall features, and more. All this without worrying about slipping or falling in the process.

Meanwhile, you have a wide variety of colors and materials used. Since tumbled tiles go over a process to obtain this feature and finish, multiple stones and materials in the industry can be used to get this done. Hence, you have a lot to choose from and work on the perfect design and idea you envision with the tiles.

The only issue we can point out is that even when you have some rustic preferences, some people get bored of the design sooner than later. This is why we make sure to give a good idea before installation and decision-making.

 How to Reach Out to Our Tumble Tile Installers

All it takes is a call, email, or contact form to get our team there. We are available all year round and always working on your requests, needs, and how we can support you throughout the process. This is why we encourage you to reach out and have the best tumble tile installers working with you on every step. We will happily make every penny and second count.

Our professionals will take the time to address your needs, listen to the request, and focus more on what can work in your space based on its short- and long-term goals.

All questions and doubts are addressed, and consultations and estimates from our tumble tile installers are for free. This way, you have your budget considered and a better idea of how much you want and can spend on this.