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Natural Stone Installers, West Palm Beach Countertop Installers

What is exactly included when people talk about natural stones for countertops? Does this mean there is a single type to choose from, or do you have more options to choose from? The second would be the right answer. Natural stones include pretty much granite, marble, soapstone, porcelain, quartzite, dekton, and many others. What you have to know about this is that countertops can be completely natural or engineered around them. At West Palm Beach Countertop Installers, our natural stone installers work with all options. This is why you can opt for any of the variables and have our professionals with the standard or the engineered approach.

We have been in the industry for more than long enough to make sure you get all the support and benefits you need when choosing the stone for your space. While other installers will try to have an approach that is purely focused on standards and what works for most people, we don’t do this.

Our team wants to listen to your preferences, the design you are looking for, and what you will use the surface for. This all matters, and we truly need to worry about durability and longevity above all. These are the main factors most people seem to forget about, but we don’t. Hence, we find balance in what you get and pay for, the aesthetics you want, the key two aspects of the material, and what you should expect from it.

For this, our natural stone installers will consider the type of traffic and activities you will do on the surface, how messy your kitchen may be, and the way we can simply make the whole countertop look stunning while ensuring it is durable and will resist everything.

What Are the Best Natural Stones for Countertops?

If we are talking about basic natural stones and not engineered options based on them, then we have to mention granite, marble, porcelain, and quartzite.

While you will find others in the market, they are truly the top for multiple reasons:

  1. They are stunning and really offer variety and range in designs and patterns. You can find colors, backgrounds, veining, and specific options within each category as subtypes or variations of a single material and stone.
  2. Although some are better than others, depending on the situation, they are all durable and long-lasting. Scratches, heat, and the usual resistance you look for are offered. Not equally, but it is there in order to perform in kitchens, bathrooms, and other spaces.
  3. You can expect property value when having them. While this isn’t a direct benefit from the stones themselves, this is what you can expect from them. Some will add more than others, but all of them will make your property cost more in the market as everyone values the stones and countertops.

Our recommendation when you are trying to choose natural stones is to make sure you won’t have the aesthetics and looks in mind, but considering whether the surface is porous or not, scratch resistant, and come on, are the factors that truly matter.

As your professionals, our natural stone installers will bring all variations and considerations to the table to make sure you don’t have to worry about quality and expenses.

Once we have helped you decide on the best natural stone and even introduced you to the others, we will plan the whole installation and make the custom countertops for you.

Feel free to reach out and have our professionals work on a comfortable and reliable countertop that will be the perfect design you are looking for.

What About Costs with Our Natural Stone Installers?

If what you are worried about is how much you will spend, which makes total sense, you will need to think about all the factors that make prices vary:

  • The natural stone you have chosen.
  • All the square footage is to be covered.
  • The project’s difficulty and labor involved.
  • Your preferences in design or additional requests you may have.
  • The specific type of material used as not all stones, brands, and slabs are the same.

At West Palm Beach Countertop Installers, our professionals can provide an accurate estimate of your project once you decide to reach out and schedule a consultation. This is free and can be done for any inquiry about your countertops and how you wish to approach the whole process. Therefore, take the time to come with us and have our professionals bring a clear cost.