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Marble Installers, West Palm Beach Countertop Installers

Marble is the most common material of all… in terms of countertops. While it competes with granite quite up there, people always want it. “I want white marble for my kitchen.” “Let’s have some bathroom countertops with marble.” And the list of mentions people make just keeps going from there. While this is a massive investment due to costs and what the material involves, we think it is more about the design and the way it should be installed to be worth it. Hence, you want to focus on what marble installers you are hiring to make it possible.

At West Palm Beach Countertop Installers, our professionals are always working hard to ensure you get the most out of the process. Unlike other professionals and installers, we want to be transparent with the process and material as we understand that some people consider it the best of the best.

As professionals who have been in this industry for over two decades, we can tell you that marble is not all pink. It comes with some cons you will have to face when considering the expense and installation, especially if it is going to be installed in a messy kitchen or high-traffic space and room that comes with many substances, liquids, and materials.

But first, what do you like about marble? The design and colors? Maybe the aesthetics and veining it has? Or are you simply looking for an expensive and luxury option to get quality results? We can tell you that in this industry, expensive doesn’t mean good in many cases. Moreover, this is about what works for your space above all and not what others are using.

Hence, take the time to know when marble is the right surface for you.

Why Do People Choose Marble Countertops?

As a natural stone, it always has durability and long-lasting properties. Moreover, it does add property value for the same reason.

At the same time, its white and usually natural and stunning colors are not often found in other stones or similar surfaces and options in the industry. As a result, people truly want to make a good investment, which tends to be marble in their minds for this reason itself as well.

One of the main benefits is that it is softer than most natural stones like granite. This allows you to bring multiple designs and elements while working on the edges and the way the custom countertop is made.

Marble is heat resistant, but it has more specific limitations around this property. It will work well with your usual cooking and the way you can make preparations without using other elements. However, it won’t be good in case you plan to place pots and pans on top of it. It will damage the surface and stain the whole marble, which cannot be fixed but only replaced.

The design and type of marble aesthetics are unique, as nothing is the same. Each slab is unique in its own way as well, which makes it more valuable for people to find a different style and design.

Finally, durability and longevity depend a lot on the installation. Hence, we can promise it will be good and all the benefits, but this is our input as the marble installers we know have the experience and skills.

We want you to consider that this will be quite a massive investment, and as marble is porous, stains with some liquids will remain unless you replace the entire slab. We recommend working on your use and what would be better.

How Much Do Marble Installers Charge for Their Job?

This entirely depends on the project, square footage, very specific marble used, and your budget. The company you’re hiring also matters here, as not everyone handles the same fees or rates. While there are averages and standards, some variations apply as well.

You can spend about $3.500 to $6.000 on marble countertops for kitchens and bathrooms. This is often a medium or even a small project, depending on the marble used in most cases.

Our West Palm Beach Countertop Installers team can give you an estimate for a free consultation for your space. We will consider the square footage and all factors mentioned before. Additionally, we will include your budget and preferences around the design so that we know what you would rather have or not and bring options in case affordability is an issue.