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Backsplash Installers, West Palm Beach Countertop Installers

While our main focus lies on countertops and their design, we are here to ensure you’re covered in all elements for your kitchen and bathrooms. This is why we have remodelers and even backsplash installers. They can all bring their expertise and skills to the whole project or individually deliver them as needed. It truly depends on the situation and what you are aiming for in your kitchen or bathroom. We want to tell you that we can make it all possible if you navigate the process with us.

Backsplash installation is quite a difficult approach as you have to work around the whole room’s design and how you work with the colors, materials, and more. As a result, our West Palm Beach Countertop Installers team needs to consider every detail and see if you have a good plan for what needs to be done on your property.

When this project goes with countertop installation, it is usually easier to work around the material, tiles, or specific options that will be used. After all, we manage the entire design instead of bringing a specific material and feature to the game.

Regardless of the situation and condition you are in, we actually invite you to navigate this with us and come regardless of the needs and projects at hand. We would love to be there to make the whole backsplash installation work and ensure your design and space aren’t hindered by an option you will regret sooner or later.

Remember that our estimates and consultations are free, so you can schedule them without compromising or worrying about hiring us. You can take your time and come back to us once you have decided whether you want to work with our backsplash installers.

Our Backsplash Installers Recommendations & Advice

The main benefit of having professionals helping you with your process is being able to work around the best options for your kitchen or bathroom. While at it, you can see whether your preferences are doable or if you need to work on more recommendations and changes.

At least our backsplash installers are always invested in seeing how they can make your designs and results doable. This is why we do have some specific recommendations and advice around the backsplashes you can choose. However, we always stick to what you would rather have and how it can be a good or bad decision.

Our recommendations and advice are always based on quality, durability, aesthetics, the specific material, and the patterns you can use for your space. In case you would like to follow some trends, we always bring the options around the year, the next one, or some combinations. However, this isn’t entirely needed, and we recommend sticking more to what you like.

That being said, our top recommendation is based on Herringbone tiles. Yes, they are the popular alternative, and we know you will love having them. While it will be a bit more expensive than the rest, there is no way you go wrong with its diamond-like pattern. It comes in warm colors and blends well with any color and kitchen. Bathrooms also benefit from it as long as the specific size is chosen properly. You can work on modern, traditional, rustic, and any other trends and designs for your space.

Mosaic tiles are the usual option for adding color and textures. Maybe bring life to a white and dark-toned kitchen.

Then, you have concrete, ceramic, or using the same material as your countertops as it can keep costs low and basic.

How Much Does Backsplash Installation Cost?

This is a good part when you decide to go for this change first because everything is estimated per linear foot or square foot. Second, because you won’t cover as much as with countertops, meaning the whole process becomes more affordable. Finally, backsplashes aren’t really expensive, even when you go for luxury items.

Most people spend from $500 to $1.200 on the entire kitchen, which follows a medium-sized project and room. However, labor and difficulty can add to the price, which is why every space and project is different.

At West Palm Beach Countertop Installers, we can offer you a free inspection, design, and estimate. Our backsplash installers will address your needs and focus on the best options in color, patterns, designs, budget, and more. Once done, we plan the installation and how to get it done.